E&O Sign Up Form

E&O Sign Up Form

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    * If you have selected E&O Extra™, policy coverage will be effective upon successful completion of this application.

    † If you have chosen our E&O Complete policy, notification of the commencement of E&O Complete coverage will be issued to you via email once payment is received.

    † The premium for our E&O Complete coverage is $700 (plus applicable taxes) per annum.

  • (if you are currently enrolled in E&O Extra™ you do not need to fill out Schedule A & B)


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    1. I am a Barrister & Solicitor or Notary Public and am insured to act on real estate transactions in the above-listed province.

    2. I am a member in good standing of the above provincial Law Society or Society of Notaries Public and, except as disclosed in Schedule A below, have not been the subject of any disciplinary actions, investigations or complaints by, or to, the above Society, nor am I aware of any pending actions, investigations or complaints against me.

    3. Except as disclosed in Schedule B below, I have not been a party to any action, application or arbitration in which a claim or demand has been asserted against me alleging an error, omission or other negligent act in connection with the rendering of professional services as a lawyer/notary in the last five years and I am not aware of any pending claims.

    4. I acknowledge that any failure to disclose the requested information will result in a policy cancellation.

    5. Please review the terms and conditions that pertain to your chosen level of coverage.

    Please view the E&O Extra™ policy here.
    E&O Complete policy here.

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