E&O Complete

FCT E&O CompleteTM

Our E&O Complete coverage is designed to offer the financial support you need to deal with smaller issues quickly and effectively when acting for an insured owner, vendor, borrower or lender under a residential or commercial FCT title insurance policy.

For $700.00 per year, plus applicable taxes, your coverage comes into effect the day you complete the online application form and get confirmation from FCT.

FCT pays up for claims covered under the policy so you don’t have to make a claim through your mandatory error & omissions insurance provider. An E&O Complete policy provides direct, hassle-free coverage to help settle client claims that are $10,000 or less, reimbursement for your deductible payment and reimbursement for any increase in your premium surcharge payments.

Even if you didn’t have the opportunity to purchase title insurance on behalf of your client for a qualifying transaction, E&O Complete coverage still applies.

$4,313.43 paid

As part of closing the deal, the lawyer forgot to pay the house’s property taxes for the previous year out of the sale proceeds. When he had to pay those taxes out of his own account, he went to his clients for reimbursement, but they didn’t see it his way. Because he had an E&O Complete policy with FCT, the lawyer was reimbursed for the full amount.


$700 per year | Plus applicable taxes | Auto-renews yearly