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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I get the E&O Extra™ policy coverage that’s included with my title insurance requests?

A: By clicking “Sign up now” and completing the online application and declaration form, you will receive an email with your E&O Extra™ base policy. This policy will be in effect for the rest of the calendar year and will cover transactions title insured by us during this time.

Q: When does the E&O Extra™ policy coverage come into effect?

A: Your E&O Extra™ policy comes into effect on the day you complete the online application and declaration form.

Q: When I order the E&O Complete policy, when will my policy come into effect?

A: If you choose to purchase our E&O Complete policy, the coverage will start once payment has been received. However, the E&O Extra™ policy coverage begins the day you complete the application and declaration, and receive the E&O Extra™ policy by email.

Q: Does the E&O Extra™ policy cover my commercial transactions too?

A: Yes, you have coverage on all your purchase and refinance transactions—residential and commercial—title insured with us.

Q: Do I have to renew my policy or is it a one-time request (E&O Extra™ and E&O Complete)?

A: Each policy expires on an annual basis and the policy period runs the calendar year from January 1–December 31. If you ordered your policy before January 1, 2019, it will be effective until December 31, 2019 with the first renewal date of January 1, 2020.

Your E&O Extra™ policy will not automatically renew and you will be required to renew it on an annual basis. You can expect to receive further information from us approximately 30 days prior to expiry to complete this step.

For the E&O Complete policy, if you selected to automatically renew your E&O Complete policy on the payment form, your policy will automatically renew once payment has been processed by our office. If you did not choose to automatically renew, you will be contacted prior to expiry with the option to renew.

Q: When I close a qualifying real estate transaction under the E&O Extra™ or E&O Complete policy, does the coverage on that transaction ever expire?

A: Provided FCT’s E&O policy was in place at the time of the qualifying real estate transaction, your coverage will remain in effect forever. However, E&O Extra™ and E&O Complete policies both expire annually on December 31, and you must ensure you receive a renewed policy to continue to receive coverage on future qualifying real estate transactions.

Q: If I purchase the E&O Complete policy, am I charged on a per deal basis?

A: No, you are charged a small annual premium and applicable coverage is in effect for the calendar year.

Q: Can I cancel my policy?

A: Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time. Even if you cancel, your coverage for transactions done while insured will remain. Policies cannot be cancelled by any person other than the insured or FCT. Please see the “Cancellation” section of the policy for more details.

Q: How do I submit a claim for E&O Extra™ or E&O Complete?

A: If you become aware of any circumstance likely to give rise to a claim under your policy, you must immediately give notice in writing to FCT through one of the following channels:

Attention: Claims Department
2235 Sheridan Garden Drive
Oakville, ON L6J 7Y5
Fax: (905) 287-1006
Email: claims@fct.ca

Insurance by FCT Insurance Company Ltd, with the exception of commercial policies, which are provided jointly by FCT Insurance Company Ltd. and First American Title Insurance Company. Services by First Canadian Title Company Limited. The services company does not provide insurance products. This material is intended to provide general information only. For specific coverage and exclusions, refer to the applicable policy. Copies are available upon request. Insurance brokerage services by FCT Insurance Services Inc. Some products/services may vary by province. Prices and products/services offered are subject to change without notice.